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14 thoughts on “Block Update – Current Conditions

  1. Could I please respectfully request that if UV and Solar are not displayed in the top part of current conditions that neither or either of these is shown in the expanded version. I don’t have either of these sensors. I use the Cumulus realtime.txt file to collect data.

    • Hi Keith,
      this would work fine, as I explained earlier, this problem occurs at more places than just here and it is a problem with cumulus because cumulus instead of showing some sign such as N/A or “-” shows UV as 0 – which the template sees as a valid number and so thinks you have such sensor. This is one of the reasons I said in the past Cumulus is not an ideal software to use with MT. Other programs support the api directly, I did ask Steve, but he didnt have time to do this too so I tried my best to make it “work” with realtime, but it is not ideal, for example wind gusts are not accurate either due to how they are reported in the realtime.txt and logged in the database

  2. I changed the order of the parameters and removed solar and UV by chnaging the strong to this:


    Solar and UV are gone, but the order of the other parameters has not changed. Still showing T,H,P,W,G,R,A,D

    Deleting cache (and deleting caches in browser) makes no difference.

    • Did you set up which parameters you want to show? Because if you only updated the block without going to the setup and telling the block what to display, it will display nothing but the time

      • No, I didn’t… Meteotemplate always told me when I had to go to setup a new or updated block.
        Sorry! and thank you 😊

        • It will tell you when you need to set up a block/plugin, the problem is that if this settings file already exists it will not tell you. So if you perform an update it is always better to go to the setup and see if there are any changes.

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