Meteotemplate – Info

Meteotemplate – Info

Hi guys,

this is going to be a rather personal post, which however is related to Meteotemplate as well. Some of you may have noticed I was a bit less active in the recent past, both in terms of updates and in terms of posting on the forum. This was not a coincidence.

Last two months were by far the most hectic months I´ve experienced at work. At the beginning of January I decided to enter an open competition for a new head of air quality department, here at the Czech national weather service, basically just to give it a try. After that I spent weeks studying and preparing for this and then went for an interview to the headquarters in Prague and waited to see which of the (I think 8) candidates will be chosen. Air Quality is one of the four departments, others being Meteorology and Climatology, Forecasting and Hydrology.

To my great surprise I was told last week that I was the one chosen for the job. On one hand I have to say I am of course extremely happy about this, on the other hand given the circumstances it will not at all be easy to take over this entire department and also be quite new for me – leading people, going on business trips, meetings with municipalities, customers etc etc, I’m currently at the lowest level in the company, a regular employee. Fortunately I will have a team of some great people in the department which will make things easier. I started working here right after school 3 years ago, without having a degree in meteorology (officially I’m a geneticist and molecular biologist). Meteorology has always been my biggest hobby and I’m quite happy I’m able to work here as well as do something related in my free time.

To make things short – what will this mean for Meteotemplate? Well actually not much will change. I will definitely not stop working on MT. There will, however, be a few changes I will have to make. As some of you know or have noticed, up until now my time was quite flexible. I was able to do personal things at work (answer your emails etc.) and then do work even while at home to compensate for this. This will no longer be possible. I will have to divide my time more strictly into work/free time. From time to time I might be offline for a day or two, just next week I’m going to the first meeting in Prague on Thursday for two days. During those days I will probably not do much because I will not have access to my computer and all the necessary programs and files. I might be able to reply to emails if time allows. Especially the first few weeks, starting this Monday will be very busy.

Also, it is possible that in the future I will concentrate a bit more on air quality 😀 Given how much Ive read about it over the last 2 months and given this will be my primary task here it makes sense to do this. I do have some other tasks here at work as well here such as social networks admin, mobile app team member, translator and graphic designer and I might use some of these activities to improve MT as well, always great to be able to use one thing in several situations.

Either way I hope you are enjoying the end of winter, it was quite a warm one here, I wouldn’t even call it a winter. Fortunately it seems like the cold weather has finally arrived, in the upcoming three days we expect daily max around -5°C (23F) and minimums -18°C (-1F).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend



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  1. Congratulations to the air quality department that got you.
    I would employ you right away if I got the opportunity.

  2. Jachym. Congratulatons on your new job. I hope that it is all that you wish it to be. If you show as much dedication that you have given to MT to your new job, I’m sure that your new employer will be ecstatic.

    best wishes

    Keith G

  3. Congrats on the new job! It’s really nice that you work for something that you enjoy doing.

    I look forward to the new changes that you will adopt from your work into MT.


  4. I’m very happy for you and I’m sure you deserve your new job. And all of us, I’m sure, can do with a little bit less support from your side, MT is a perfect product already, there are not many important things to improve.

  5. Congratulations on your “new life”, Jachym.
    By the way you described it, it is something you are going to enjoy a lot, so in terms of friendship, nothing is more pleasurable than knowing that a good friend is having the recognition he deserves.
    Concerning MT, it is a quite mature and perfect product now, but I am sure that you will keep it alive, the same way that a father takes care of his beloved son :-).
    Wishing you all the best and thanking you once gain for this masterpiece called Meteotemplate!

  6. Jachym,

    Congratulations on winning your new career position in air quality amongst all other candidates. Wishing you the best in this new job along with its added responsibilities. I want to thank you for helping me with creating the best weather station I have ever had with meteotemplate v17. I decided to create my station from scratch with version 17 and in my eyes it really shines!! Many thanks and best wishes.

  7. Congratulations and good luck.

    If in your new work you are so good like in meteotemplate you will have a incredible future.

    Greetings from Spain

  8. Congratulations Jachym

    At this point no one doubts your magnificent preparation in many facets, both human and technical.

    Congratulations also to the Czech Institute of Meteorology for this new and important addition :-))

  9. Congratulations on your new venture Jachym. You are aware of my appreciation of your programming skills and the unique way that all of those blocks integrate with each other on every conceivable configuration. With all of your inherent diligence and dedication I know you will do well in this new position and that the Template will continue to be a living document.

    On a less enthusiastic note, I will also extend congratulations to the Czech men’s hockey team. They beat the US with an overtime shootout in one of the hardest fought Olympic hockey games that I have watched this year.

    • Hi Pat,
      thanks, although I think our team sucked, the only reason they beat US was because the best US players are in NHL…. the only olympics where NHL players were allowed to play was Nagano back in 1998. I still remember that 😀 We first won against the US in quarter final, then Canada in semifinal and then won the final against Russia. But since then the Czech team is not very good and there is no-one to replace Jágr or Hašek

  10. Many congratulations Jachym. Very few people have the chance to make a career out of their hobby. If you put in even a quarter of the effort you have put into Meteotemplate to date, I will be very happy.

  11. Congratulations Jachym. I’m sure you will do very well in your new role.
    Also well done to your employers for recognizing enthusiasm and dedication which you will bring by the bucket load.

  12. Congratulations, great that your hobby gave you a new challenge in life. I’d rather say ” don’t worry, be happy….” and take care of you. Investing is to be in control to spare health and free time. Wishing you the very best.

  13. Congratulations on the new job, Jachym.

    MT is a mature product and provides a great deal of functionality. I will be continue to be grateful for whatever developments and help you are able to provide in the future even if I have to wait longer.


  14. great to read you got the position. And MT will adopt your new rhythm and so we will 😉
    Learn as much as you can and maybe one day you can share some with us … 🙂

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