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NWS problems

NWS problems

Hi guys,

first of all sorry for my delayed replies (to those who emailed me in the last 3 days). I just came from my first longer business trip in my new position (btw. it was great, great colleagues and very helpful).

As always… just when you are not available for a few days things break – in this case as some of you noticed, NWS is making changes to their site, it seems like they are not done because blocks start and stop working almost at random. I am aware of this, but I wasn’t able to look at it yet because I was away since Wednesday and to be quite honest I might still wait a few days because it looks like the changes are not finished and there is no point in fixing it now and it then breaking tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience


9 thoughts on “NWS problems

  1. Go to however you navigate to meteo/template/homepage/blocks/nesForecast/nwsForecastBlock.php

    Edit line 53 in the nwsForecastBlock.php It should look something like this: $url = “http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=”.trim($coordinatesNWS[0]).”&lon=”.trim($coordinatesNWS[1]);

    Just add an s to the http(s)

    So far working for me– for now.

  2. FYI
    For now, and it’s been holding steady for a while now (at least for me http://www.pennlake.us) if you go here:
    or however you are set up; meteo/template/homepage/blocks/nesForecast/nwsForecastBlock.php
    Edit line 53 —- $url = “http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=”.trim($coordinatesNWS[0]).”&lon=”.trim($coordinatesNWS[1]);

    Just add and s to the “https://

    been working ok for me.

  3. Jachym, Is there a time frame for when there will be an update for the NWS blocks and it appears things have stabilized.


  4. Thanks Jachym. Yes, NWS changes are not yet stable. As I was checking some of the new links they worked, and an hour later they wouldn’t.

    Great to hear that the new job is a plus so far. I have great confidence it will work out for you.

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