New feature – theme change

New feature – theme change

Hi guys,

I have been thinking about how to make Meteotemplate pages more interesting. One thing I noticed is that most of you choose one color theme and never change it. This surely makes the pages quite boring and so I came up with a new feature.

In the next version – Meteotemplate 18.0 Rotten Cabbage – there will be a new feature (I called it Meteotemplate Circus) where any visitor to your site will be able to switch the theme (just like they could now), however, this change will not only be visible to them, but will be applied globally to your page so everyone will see it. And whenever someone (even you) thinks that particular color combination is not good looking, can change it again.

I think this will be a great fun and amazing addition to the template.

Enjoy Easter!


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  1. They skipped VP3 and are going straight to VP4. It will have the capability to launch a mini weather balloon with micro electronic sensors.

  2. Rather than having changed my theme by other users I would like the possibility to correct obviously erroneous data of a Meteotemplate site directly in my browser – maybe for April, 1 2019 ?

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