Hi guys,

this is not going to be a very positive post, unfortunately.

First bad news – WU is discontinuing the free API keys. You guys know I´ve always been quite negative towards WU, and I knew why… the deal is – you now send them data, which they then sell to others, starting from 800 dollars a month. And if you want the API key yourself, you can pay and you will pay for getting your own data – what a business plan. It is probably not known exactly when the forecasts etc. will stop working. Meteotemplate does not rely exclusively on WU, there are other APIs used, but many scripts do use WU so I guess these will stop working and I will then have to delete them, because I do not think many of you would be willing to fork out 800 USD a month for your own data. If you consider stop sending data to WU, then keep in mind you would also have to stop CWOP, because they scrape it from there too.

There is unfortunately an obvious trend where free APIs – be it WU, Aeris, GoogleMaps etc. are a thing of past.

Second thing, I have, for now, stopped issuing any new download tokens 3 days ago. This is a result of several things that happened or are ongoing, which I do not want to go into. I am not saying this is permanent, but right now I cannot promise when this will be restored.

Hope you have a nice weekend despite these rather bad news.


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    • Hi,
      I know and I said in the past that I would never rely on this service. There is not much you can do. Im sure they will discontinue the XML page soon as well which would mean absolute end of WU support in Meteotemplate, including page updates, this is the trend you can see now so I would not be suprised.

  1. I feel the same way. I stopped providing WU my data a while ago.

    I understand that there will be some blocks/plugins that will have to be retired. Question, if there’s a block/plugin that gathers data from different places (Like WU), will you keep them available and just remove WU to obtain the data from?

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