New graphs and Users section

An updated version of the Extended Graphs plugin has just been released.

This update now contains brand new pages and graphs. First new graph is basically just like the original graph, but this time there are two parameters which you can compare side by side. In addition you can set graph type, color, grouping etc.

Second is a three-parameter graph, where you can compare three parameters all at once using a bubble chart, again with customizable grouping and parameter type.




Simply replace all your original extendedGraphs directory with the new files. The landing page is still index.php. All you have to do is open index1.php and index2.php, where at the top you can optionally set the date format.


Another new thing is a brand new Users page at It is basically a map of users. I would be quite happy if you wanted your page to be included as well, just send me an email at, with your page name, station coordinates, elevation and station model.

There is not much I can offer to those who participate, but if you do, you will be eligible for priority support!

And lastly, I would like to thank all of you who already submitted their translations. Several languages are now complete and Finnish is now also available!

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