Weather Underground issue

Weather Underground issue

Hi guys,

as some of you have already noticed, WU cut off their data providing pages and now only use the new API system. This means that WU updates as well as history data import will no longer work.

This is not a big surprise to me and I have said many times it is a problematic website, they made many changes in the past and now they only have a paid API (which hopefully for those who send data might be free in some limited regime).

As for now, the documentation for the API is not even working so I could not even look at it (the link to rapid fire api documentation leads to 7-day summary instead…). I can only emphasize that it is much more reliable to use one of the softwares supported by MT, ideally Weather Display, Meteobridge, WeeWx or WeatherCat, which have direct MT support or those that have limited support (using CRON job instead of API directly) such as Cumulus, WeatherLink, NetAtmo or Meteohub.

If WU makes their documentation functional I might look at it, but I no longer trust this website and given the limited sources and time I have I cannot guarantee when this will be. I am not saying there will be no WU support in the future, hopefully there will, but at this point I have no idea when and if.


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  1. PWS said that WU needs a 3rd party software before I can they can support my data files! Not sure what is up with that! I wanted to sign up with them?

  2. After researching a bit, found a maybe temporary work around to the issue. I have a AcuRite 5 in 1 and it only shares data to WU, been using it for a long time now so I don’t want to change that, or invest more money.
    I have created a new simple php file to handle the new WU API. Combining the new API and the Meteotemplate API I was able to continue using WU data, obviously this won’t work if you don’t have a new WU API Key. Copy the code below to a new php file, I put mine under the update folder and modify your cronjob to use this. Make sure the new php file has execute permissions. I’m new with PHP so be kind if you find a mistake.

  3. The Problem is for all the people we have an weatherstation that has only send data with wifi to WU and other weather sites, without USB connectivity. So we are now offline 🙁

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