Meteotemplate now finally has a proper documentation, which hopefully will make the installation process much easier for those who would like to start using Meteotemplate. I also emphasized and explained things that I am most often asked about.

New wiki has been updated to reflect all the new features of Meteotemplate (translations, data imports, new homepage).

In addition, many terms are explained and more information can be viewed using sliding divs, everything is also much more organized.

Probably the most useful feature is also a brand new page which will guide you through setting up the config.php.

For example – there is an interactive map, just drag the marker to your location and the script will show you exactly what to fill in for latitude, longitude, country code and city. Likewise, date and time formats are automatically generated.

There is even a realtime design preview. Simply change color/font and you will see a small preview which will show you what the page would look like.


I hope this helps those that will want to install the template and if you have any ideas/suggestions, please let me know.



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