User map plugin and Database info block

Meteotemplate map of users

A new plugin is now available – the Meteotemplate users map.

Since some of you asked for this, I created a plugin which is basically exactly the same as the users map at


  1. Download the file, extract it and upload it to your plugins directory
  2. Go to and in the Users section download the most up-to-date users file. There is a date below the download link which shows you when the file was last updated. Check once in a while if there is some update if you always want to have current data.
  3. Upload the downloaded users.txt to the same directory (userMap)

No demo is available since this is exactly what you see here.

Database information block

A new block is now available in the blocks section. It will show a summary of your database.


In addition I have also added instructions how to create your own block: in the wiki.

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