Meteotemplate 4.1 Mango – minor update

Meteotemplate 4.1 Mango – minor update

New minor version upgrade. The update should only take you a few seconds. Main new feature is related to the styling and especially making the page responsive and better displayed on mobile devices and smaller screens.
There is also a brand new block and one updated plugin.

Meteotemplate 4.1 Mango

  • NEW – this version contains one additional file which will be used later on for Meteotemplate user network, which I am planning to develop
  • CHANGED – slightly modified CSS file for the homepage, which is necessary for the updated block styling to work

Update instructions are at the bottom of this post.

New block – European Regional Warning

A new block is now available, which is similar to the EU warnings block, but this time, shows also the particular regions for which the warnings are issued as well as a map of the country with highlighted warnings. The block can be downloaded and screenshots are available in the blocks section.

Updated plugin – European Radar

The European radar plugin has been updated to reflect changes on the Sat24 website, unless you update it, it will not show some images correctly.

Updated blocks

Practically all the blocks have been updated to version 1.1. This was necessary to make them responsive, but there were also some important bug fixes – for example in the station data block, rain was not calculated correctly for last 24h, some maps did not work in the earthquake block and there were other minor bugs fixed. However, the important thing is – unless you update all your blocks to these responsive ones, your page will not be responsive, because even just one non-responsive one will cause problems with how the page is displayed on smaller screens.

When updating the blocks, always use all the new files, but you can keep your settings.php – that did not change so you do not have to set up anything again.

Update to version 4.1

  1. first simply replace the original footer.php with the new one (just change of version in the footer text)
  2. now go to your pages/station directory and upload here the new file called “network.php
  3. now go to your homepage/css directory and replace the style.php with the new file
  4. next, go to your index.php and copy your settings of the blocks. Then open the index.php included in the update package and paste here your original settings. In other words, use the code of this new index and just copy your blocks settings. Other possibility is simply using this new index.php and typing the settings again. There is just one little change in the new index file, which is related to the styling and unless you make this change, the blocks will overlap.
  5. now just copy the version icon images to your icons/versions directory

2 thoughts on “Meteotemplate 4.1 Mango – minor update

  1. I’m still getting the blank drop downs ☹
    It doesn’t do it to the interactive graph block, oddly enough.

    Still can’t turn the block gradient off without turning it off for everything else, unlike 4.0

    Also, are we to make a mobile index for ourselves now that it has been optimised for it? ie; a Single blocked page.

    Many thanks.

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