Meteotemplate Weather Network

Based on the positive feedback I got in the poll, I have created a Meteotemplate Weather Network.

The only problem now is that unfortunately I did have to make some changes in the original script so if you want to be added, simply re-download the version 4.1 update and just replace the original pages/station/network.php with the network.php in the update package (I have updated the update package).

Then send me an email or PM with a link to your network.php and I will add you.

The network is being updated every 15 minutes and is available in metric and imperial version. There is a map and also a sortable table below it.

It can be accessed via the Users section at


1 thought on “Meteotemplate Weather Network

  1. Is there a switch/tag that I can tweak to show that my station is off-line?

    It’s still reporting but the outside sensors have failed and the temp, wind speed, humidity, etc have been flat lined since sometime on Sunday.

    Repairs are going to take at minimum another couple of days if not weeks!

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