New blocks – Air Quality World, NWS Forecast

A set of new blocks can now be found in the Blocks section at

Air Quality World

In this block you can select your desired region and the block will show you the current Air Quality Index. Depending on data availability, the pollutants included are PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2 and tropospheric ozone. There is also a description of what the actual value means and a general description of the pollutants and air quality index as such. In addition you can view past 5 days min/max.

I have also added the necessary translation strings to the database so it will use your language once translations are submitted.

US users: there is pros and cons to using this one or the air quality US block. This block has the advantage of also displaying last 5 days and more pollutants are included. However, it takes data from the primary source used in the air quality US block – in other words, it is sometimes not so up-to-date.

NWS Forecast

This block shows the forecast for your desired location in the United States including icons. The extended forecast is also available.


Download and screenshots

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