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Hi guys,

a new plugin is now available. It is called “country detail”. What it does is quite simple – displays information about all the countries in the world. By default it will load your country; you can however choose any other country you wish.

I have gathered data from several sources such as the CIA World Fact Book, the worldbank, Wikipedia etc. The included information includes data about geography, climate, some background info, economy, demographics, technology, industries, agriculture, national symbols, flags, anthems, colors, government type, emissions, energies, languages, religions etc etc.

There are also graphs which show past trends and some interesting visualizations and comparisons. I also tried to create as many icons as possible to make it easy to understand, but in addition, hovering over the icon should show a description of the parameter.

The plugin is fully ready for translating and in fact thanks to some of you, there are already languages that have translations for this plugin now.

I have also used the MySQL database for this which gives potential for the future to create pages that will compare countries between each other etc.

Instructions about how to install the plugin (very easy) are included in the plugin documentation. Make sure you read it, you have to do some setup first.

One last thing to note – obviously I tried my best to keep the data consistent and accurate, however, it is possible that I missed something, especially given the fact I was working with over 200 countries. If you find an error feel free to let me know.

I also have scripts for updating the data so in the future it is possible for me to easily update those numbers that are likely to change from year to year (population, GDP etc.).




Plugin download/documentation:

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