Block updates + Meteotemplate Network 2.0

Several blocks were updated:
Greetings 1.1
It is now possible to set particular color for each interval. This however means that for updating it you will also need to replace your original settings.php. The information how to do it is inside settings.php.
Summary 2.0
Some new strings were added and some minor bug fixes. Also, I solved the issue with multiple occurances of a certain value. Now, if there is multiple times or dates, it will show just a link “several occasions” and clicking it will trigger a small popup with a list of dates/times. To update just replace summaryBlock.php.
NWS forecast 2.0
The new version also includes the temperature values above the icons. To update, just replace nwsForecastBlock.php.
Meteotemplate Network 2.0
I rewrote the code for the network. You can now see immediately the actual values of each station, you can choose the parameter and clicking any row in the table of users will automatically show you where on the map they are.

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