Forecast Block 2.0 – WxSim support

I have added support for WxSim in the forecast block. However, please take this as rather experimental because given I do not own the SW myself and the logfiles are not particularly “developer-friendly”, it could be that there might be some problems for some. I tested it with as many files as I had available.

The block uses the latest.csv. In the settings you specify the path to this file and then, you specify the intervals in which you want to group the data. For example, you can set something like 0-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24 – this will then show each day split into the specified time periods. Temperatures will be averaged and precipitation summed. In addition, you can specify how many days you want to see by default, then, clicking “more” will show more days as well as more parameters.

In addition, the output has been cleaned up so I recommend everyone to do the update and for those who do not have wxSim, simply set it to false. You will need to replace all the files, including the settings.php, which now has the setting for wxSim as well, however, for the rest you can simply copy the variables you used in your previous settings.php.

NOTE: If you know that I made some customized changes in your forecast script then let me know and do not update, because this would again bring it to default and in all cases make a backup.

Let me know if you find any problems or bugs, if not I hope you enjoy it.

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