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New plugin – Climate US

New plugin – Climate US

Hi guys,

a new plugin is now available. In the current template there is also a page about climate. As I explained earlier, because I made this database all by myself from tens of different sources and because it is global, the number of stations available is limited.

Now there is a new plugin available, this time specifically for the United States. It includes three different pages and has data for any NOAA station in the U.S.

It includes climate normals and parameters such as avg, max, min temperature, precipitation, snowfall, heating/cooling degree days etc. The information is provided using interactive graphs, sortable tables and there is also a map.

I used the plain text files provided by NOAA and visualized them in a slightly more understandable way. But because I always try to have some added value, I created two additional pages.

In addition to the page with detailed analysis of a single station, there is also a page that compares two stations side by side. You can immediately see the differences on the graphs and in the tables, the actual value of the difference is also calculated.

Then, the last page is also quite interesting. It is basically the same page as the comparison page, but this time, you only choose one station and it will compare it to your own station, using data from your MySQL database.

As always, the plugin adjusts the units, colors and all the other settings based on your config.php.

Hope you enjoy it

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