New Plugin – Climate Canada

New Plugin – Climate Canada

A new plugin is now available, in fact very similar to the previous one I made, the climate US. This time however, it is climate Canada. The plugin works in a very similar way, but there are a few differences.
The plugin again consists of three separate pages.

One shows detailed information about climate normals from one station (city). The second pages is a side by side comparison of two stations. The last page is a comparison of one station with data from your own PWS.
The slight disadvantage in comparison to the US climate plugin is the number of stations available. This unfortunately is purely because of what is available from EC and especially the way the data is provided. I found that lot of the files were incomplete and that caused problems in the scripts. I hope most of the major cities are included. If you would like some other city, let me know and I will see if it would be possible to get some usable data for it.
On the other hand, there are also advantages. The main advantage in comparison to the US climate plugin is the actual extent of data provided. There are much more things it shows, for example – temperature, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, humidity, pressure, visibility, sun shine duration, frost period, degree days, wind speed etc. In addition, also dates for the absolute extremes are shown in tables and also in the actual graphs.

Installation is very simple and the only thing you need to do is specify the default location to be used.


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