New Plugin – Station Data Comparison

Hi guys,

a new plugin is now available. This plugin allows you to compare your data with any METAR station or WU station for a specified day. This can be very useful not just to see how the data from your station differs to some other, but also in terms of data quality check if there is for example some professional METAR station nearby.

Main features:

  • raw data from your station and station to be compared with
  • detailed statistical analysis (including correlations, averages, covariance, skewness etc)
  • interactive graphs (including some new types which were never available in the template so far, for example boxplots).
  • sortable tables
  • direct export to PNG, JSON, TXT, XLS, SQL etc.
  • easy METAR station selection based on country and place
  • all units converted based on Meteotemplate user settings

Installation is easy; all you have to do is set the default location in the settings file.

Just a few things to note.

In the calendar you choose the day of interest. The data is taken from Weather Underground, which aggregates data always by days. This means, that if for example you choose March 23, 2016, it will load all the values for that particular station available at WU server. Then, it will find the time difference between your station and the station chosen for comparison and load data from the database which correspond to that interval. In other words, if for example there is a 5 hour difference, it would not take values from midnight till midnight for both stations, but it will take whatever is available for the remote station and then choose the appropriate data from the database, which might also span to the previous or next day. The point of this is that the two data points should always correspond to the same point in time.

Another thing to note is that unfortunately, the more I worked on this plugin, the more I realized how inconsistent WU is. Different stations report different parameters, use different units, different headers etc etc. I have tried to test as many as possible and make the appropriate adjustments in the code (which is many therefore over 6000 lines long for each of the scripts), but it is of course possible that some stations might still cause problems. It will always try to show all the available parameters and hide the ones that are N/A.

I added the new strings in the Translations section so the plugin can be fully localized.





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