Yahoo Weather API changes – banner update

Hi guys,

it is now necessary to get an API key and authorize for the Yahoo weather forecast and unfortunately for some reason I get an “unknown error” message when trying to create an app so it is unusable. There is a limited access available even without the API key. Below is a list of what this means for various parts of the template.

  • banner – the interactive banner will work, but you need to make a few changes. First download the updated file from Then go to your config.php and for the banner ID you need to change it to the number code for your location that you will find at Yahoo Weather. In other words, go to Yahoo Weather, search for your city and then look at the url. For my town it looks like this: In this case, I would enter 786869 for the bannerID. Once you have changed this in the config and replaced the header.php with the new file, delete the headerCache.txt in your template root directory and your banner should work again.
  • forecast block – disable yahoo
  • forecast comparison plugin – disable Yahoo
  • world weather block – delete

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  1. Hi Jachym,
    Once again you are right on the case. Excellent!
    You don’t just roll out the code and wash your hands of it. Support, support, support. I feel another donation coming on…..

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