New block – Gauges

Nice Saturday afternoon guys,

another block is now available. I know this was something lot of you asked, but I wanted to make sure it is the way I wanted it to be, so it took a little longer to make. This new block allows you to place interactive auto-updating gauges.

Main features:

  • select which gauges you want to display and their order (temp, feels like temp, humidity, pressure, wind speed, gust, solar radiation, daily precipitation, UV, wind direction)
  • units automatically chosen based on template settings
  • several designs – template colors, dark, light, black, white, retro
  • configurable gauge limits and tick intervals
  • many options for gauge display (enable/diable titles, show/hide actual values, draw background underlay, enable/disable gauge glow/shadow, choose gauge animation type, enable/disable 3D effect)
  • fully responsive – The gauges will auto-align based on screen size – this also means you can pretty much place it in any column width and the user can even themselves zoom in/out
  • lightweight for faster loading and possibility to display directly on homepage


To set up you can also simply copy your settings from the current block, it uses the same code, all explained in settings.php as always.

And that is about it, ohhh, “one more thing” 😀 I have a feeling the mango is getting slightly overripened and so maybe time for eating it and getting a different fruit soon what do you think 😉

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