Bug fixes

Bug fixes

Hi guys,
so looks like most of the issues are now solved, so I prepared updated versions of blocks with some bug fixes and also a bug fix update package for version 6.


In the downloads section at meteotemplate.com is now a link to a ZIP file with updated files for version 6. Simply download it and just replace the corresponding files. The pages/metar directory you can replace completely, it contains all the files. Otherwise just replace the single files.


I have added a section about how to update blocks in the wiki, but I will also explain here. The update procedure now is as follows:
  1. there and then check your admin/block updates/set up. If you see a new version of some block is available, go to the download site and download the new version.
  2. extract the files and replace the original files
  3. now, this is important. Previously there was always a file called settings.php. This file might still be included in the old download files, but from now on it will not. The way it works now is that once you download the new block, upload it to your blocks directory, it will automatically appear in your admin section in block list. There will be a link “settings” if any set up is required. Once you click that you will get all the fields that need to be filled in. If you are updating the block, in other words, if the settings.php already exists, it will use it to prefill the values. You dont have to fill it again, or you can change it. If there are any new parameters to be set in the new version, it will prefill them with default values. Then once you click “save” it will either create or overwrite your original settings.php and use it.
  4. then add your new block in the index.
  5. it is important that you first do the set up (if necessary) before trying to load the block on the homepage, because it requires the settings.php to be either created or updated.
The following blocks were updated (bug fixes in all cases):
twitter feed – now correctly limits the number of maximum posts displayed
rss feed – corrects the issue with links
forecast – fix for cities with space in the name
gauges – fixes the problem with Chrome, where on some servers the gauges were huge
radar Canada – fix for regional radar image
You should already see these new versions available in your admin section.

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