New block – Extremes + block update

Hi guys,

I hope you are enjoying Friday afternoon.

New block – Extremes

I have created a new block. I noticed most of you prefer blocks that use your own station data and another advantage of this is that you do not rely on any external data source.

So here is another interesting block called simply “extremes”. What it does is it shows you extreme values and dates of their measurement. You specify the parameter, grouping and number of items to show.

No need to set up anything so just upload to your blocks directory and that´s it J

Block update – History

I have also updated the history block. I fixed one bug which caused incorrect calculation of monthly gust (thanks to Paul from Komoka for noticing this) and there was also a little problem with the script responsible for the updates, so it would not show you there is update available in your admin settings. Some of you also asked if I could add a close button, so that is now also included in version 1.1. Since this block also does not require any set up, simply delete the entire history folder in your blocks directory and replace it with the new one.

Enjoy the weekend


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