New Plugin – Week Days

New Plugin – Week Days

Hi guys,

I hope you had a nice weekend.

Let´s start the week with a new plugin that I developed. People seem to prefer plugins/blocks that use their own station data, which makes sense and is also better because you do not rely on any external source of data. So here is another station-related plugin. This plugin shows you statistics and graphs for various parameters grouped by the day of the week.

Now I know you probably think this is absurd and I thought the same at the beginning. But i have read an article about this just recently and actually there are factors that could have an effect. For example in cities, there is obviously less traffic during weekends, which reduces the urban heat island effect. Also there is less pollution which influences cloud formation and could have effect on the weather conditions. And there is more examples of this. However, it is likely that the differences will not be large, so all numbers are shown to 3 decimal places to highlight the difference.

No need to set up anything, just download, extract, upload to your plugins directory and add a link in the menu.



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