New plugin – GrLevelX + plugin update

New plugin – GrLevelX + plugin update

Hi guys,

hope you have a nice Friday afternoon.

There is one new plugin and one important plugin update.

New plugin: GrLevelX

I have been asked by a few if I could make a plugin for the GrLevelX software. This is slightly problematic because I do not have that SW. However I tried to download the trial and use that to create a plugin, which therefore should still be treated as “experimental”.

It shows the images for the radar dynamically updated without the need to refresh the page. In addition you can choose the animation transition effect, the transition interval and I have also included detailed description of each radar image type (this is only available in English and since this program as far as I know only works for the U.S. there is no point in translating this).

Plugin update: Wind Direction

New version of Highcharts has been released yesterday and there was a compatibility issue which made the plugin non-functional. New version 1.1 fixes this and also fixes a problem with wind direction images for languages other than English. Since there is no settings in this plugin simply download the new version and replace all the old files.

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