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New plugins, blocks and important updates for all users!

Hi guys,

this is very important and affects all. There have been some changes made in the Google Maps API last weekend, which made several plugins and pages of the template either completely non-functional or malfunctioning. I have therefore prepared updates to these plugins and also a bug fixes file for the template, which will solve this. There is also one new block and two new plugins.

New Plugin – Global Forecast Model

I have been granted special permission for Meteotemplate users to use map data from one very nice server so I have used it in a new plugin. There are map images with forecast for upcoming 2 to 3 days for various parameters for each continent. This includes: temperature, wind speed, precipitation (rain and snow), pressure, cloudiness and thunderstorm activity. All you have to do is set your default continent in the settings.

New Plugin – Netherlands Climate

A new plugin probably most interesting for users from the Netherlands. It uses climate data from several stations in the Netherlands and shows data about average temperatures and precipitation. The data updates dynamically so each month there will be a new value added. Data is shown in sortable tables and zoomable graphs, grouped by months and years.

New Block – Italy – climate

A new block for the homepage, probably most interesting for users in Italy. It shows climate characteristics for many Italian regions. All you need to do is select your default region. This includes temperature, precipitation, average daily sunshine hours.

Plugin updates

The following plugins had to be updated due to changes in the Google Maps API. Luckily, none of these updates requires any set up, so simply replace/add the included files. The userMap plugin also contains the most up-to-date version of the file with user data.

Plugins affected:

  • earthquakes
  • disasters
  • userMap
  • cityConditions

Template update

The changes in the Google API also affect some pages in the main template. I have prepared an update package so that you do not have to wait for next template version update. Go to the download section at meteotemplate.com and download the 6.1 update package with bug fixes. Inside the package you will find several pages, they are pages from the climate section, both desktop and mobile. Simply replace the original files. Then also make sure that you add the new script file into your scripts directory.

Let me know if there are any problems, I tried to fix the issues as quickly as possible so hopefully there is no problem in the fix.


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