New blocks, plugins and updates

Hi guys,

several new plugins and blocks and also some updates.

New Plugin – Continentality

This plugin allows you to calculate the continentality index (two indexes available). This is a very important climatological paramter. By default it will use your station data, but you can change this and use whatever data you want. There is also a scale that explains what the numbers mean and the formula used for the calculation.


New Plugin – Degree Days

This plugin is for calculating heating/cooling degree days. Using your station data it will calculate heating/cooling days and show you the statistics in sortable tables and clear graphs, grouped by days, months as well as seasons. Averages for particular months are of course also available. In the settings you set your base temperature, calculation method and the month of season beginning. This can, however, be changed on the actual page, so the settings is only to select default values.


New Plugin – Growing Degree Days

A characteristic very important in agriculture. The concept is similar to calculating the cooling degree days, however the plugin has some additional things that can be set. You can select not just season beginning, but also season end and it will also show you more cumulative tables and graphs.


New Plugin – NOAA Climate Report

Inspired by Ken´s script for NOAA-style climate report I created a similar thing that uses your database data. There are three versions available, one that uses the standardized terms in English, one which is translated and uses user selected language strings and one that is interactive. All reports can also be directly exported as an image file, text file or Excel spreadsheet.


Plugin Update – Marine

I added a new page to the Marine plugin, which uses data from


New Block – Tide Heights

This probably does not need much explanation. It is based on the tides plugin. However, this works as a block, so you can put it on your homepage. It is a simplified version of the plugin, which only shows high and low tides for today and tomorrow. Note – as always, the blocks are independent, so even though this is based on the tides plugin, you do not need to have this plugin installed for this to work and theoretically you can even set a different location for the block and plugin (though I don’t really see why someone should do that :D)


Block Update – Rain

The new version of the Rain block does not show just the actual amounts, but I have also added information about the date and time of last rain.


Block Update – Station Data

Updated version fixes a bug with calculating the date/time of maximum solar radiation.



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