Menu.php update

Menu.php update

Hi guys,

as some of you pointed out (thanks) I did forget to include some plugins in the menu.

The updated menu.php can now be downloaded in the Downloads section.

– live gauges Cumulus
– live gauges MB
– BloomSky

Just one thing regarding the gauges. In the menu, the page will load the index.php. If you use this plugin, you know there are several versions, named index, index2, index3, …. which differ in their layout, colors etc.

Before the menu was automatic, you simply put a link to the one you wanted to use. Now, however, it is hard-coded to the “index.php”. Therefore what you need to do is before uploading the plugin to your plugins directory, rename the files so that the index.php corresponds to the one you want to be used on the page.

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