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New Plugin – Webcam 1.0

New Plugin – Webcam 1.0

Hi guys,

some of you might have seen the BloomSky plugin, this plugin is actually quite similar. However, it can be used with any webcam that uploads data to the internet, just by providing the URL of where the most recent image is located.

It allows you to save the images to your server. In addition, it also creates image thumbnails and then allows you to view the images by days, including the corresponding weather conditions at that moment, filter them etc.

Main Features

  • most recent image shown and updated automatically at an interval you specify without refreshing the site
  • periodical saving of images to your server using a CRON job
  • saving weather conditions at the time the image was saved
  • interactive calendar to view images from particular day
  • daily summary (max/min of all the parameters)
  • possibility to color the images based on the weather data
  • calculation of sunrise/sunset and showing the image closest to this time (if no image is available +/- hour from the sunrise/sunset, no image is displayed)


Make sure you read carefully how to install this, you will need a new CRON job to save the image periodically.

Demo is also available, but it is very limited as I do not have a webcam myself.

More info and how to install is in the Plugins section.

1 thought on “New Plugin – Webcam 1.0

  1. Ahoj, bylo by možné, aby se v tomto pluginu webcam ukládali obrázky pouze třeba hodinu nebo půl hodiny před západem slunce a po západu slunce? Třeba jako volitelné nastavení, ušetřilo by to místo, aby se nenahrávaly snímky tmavé oblohy.

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