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Meteotemplate Mobile 0.1 Strawberry Cheesecake

Meteotemplate Mobile 0.1 Strawberry Cheesecake

Hi guys,
some time around Christmas I wanted to take a little break from all the new stuff I was learning about PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS…. and just out of curiosity I looked at what exactly is “a mobile app”, how it works etc etc.I soon realized it is something totally different, just like if you knew English and someone said – hey, English is a “language”, so surely you can also speak Chineese, that is also a “language”. I then several times looked back at it.

Obviously, a major problem in this case is that I do not have a smartphone or tablet, so I rely purely on online emulators, which are far from ideal. I knew it would be extremely complicated to develop something and even if I did have a good test environment, the problem is that when you are a mobile developer, you are a mobile developer, in other words, I would have to concentrate on this rather than web development and working on Meteotemplate as such. It is a paradox for someone without an Android developing an app for Android but… well we will see if it works 🙂

Recently when I released the new Station Feed plugin, the idea came back to me and I tried to put together whatever I already had and came up with…. well I would not even call it an app… more like a big experiment. Something like Meteotemplate Mobile version 0.001. To my absolute surprise, one of you already tried it. I was quite amazed it even installed, I didn’t expect it would get that far 😀 Then we tried it and it actually worked! Now… just to make one thing clear – it “works”, but all it does is it displays your current conditions and auto-updates them every 5 seconds – nothing more, nothing less.

I only post it here in case somebody was interested. I expect many of you will have problems with it, it probably wont scale properly, it might not even work at all and you will surely uninstall it very soon. However, just in case you did want to give it a try… The instructions for use are simple. Just download the app from the Extras section at Meteotemplate.com. Then, try to install it and open it on your device. You will need the Station Feed plugin installed. Then, you click the “Settings” button and you must specify the URL of your station feed, with the JSON format, eg:


It is actually very difficult to type in that box, so I highly recommend you go to that page of your site in a browser, copy it and then paste it in the app. Then check the box whether you do or do not have a solar sensor and click save. At that point, it should save this information in your device (so next time you open the app, it should not be necessary to specify this again if it works). It does not give you any notification, I simply don’t know how to do that and Im not even sure the Save function works 😀 So just click Go back and then click the second button “Load data”. And in the absolute ideal situation you will see your current data on the display, which auto-updates every 5 seconds.vHowever, by that I mean it checks your database every 5 seconds, but since your db only updates every 5 minutes, the numbers will only change when there is a change in the database, the 5 seconds interval is just how often it tries to load new data.

So, in conclusion, if you are lucky you will end up with a very ugly-looking app that will show you current conditions, but I warned you, it is just an experiment and I only did it for fun.

Have fun with it, I enjoyed making it and it was nice to try something new again 😀


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