Newsletter – Aug 1, 2016

Newsletter – Aug 1, 2016

Hi guys,
I hope you have nice summer and in case you find time to work on your website, I published a new issue of the Newsletter, which summarizes the new/updated features from the recent past.

One more important thing I would like to bring your attention to is a questionnaire I made. It is similar to the one I did around Christmas time, but I modified a few questions and also, many things changed since then or were added. This is your chance to give me feedback and as you all know I consider each of your comments and very often implement whatever suggestion you have, if possible of course. Also remember that I don´t want you to be “nice”. If there is something you don´t like, don´t keep it to yourself, positive feedback is nice, but it doesn´t really help me in any way. Version 8 pretty much implemented everything I wanted to have in the template in long-term and so the question is where we want to go next.



Best regards

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