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New Plugin – My Station

New Plugin – My Station

Hi guys,

a new plugin is now available referred to as “My Station”.

This plugin replaces the default “About station” page with a more detailed page that describes the station configuration, sensor specifications etc. Using the Plugin setup page you can easily specify all the parameters of your station and the plugin will automatically create the icons etc. Then, if the page detects this plugin is present, the menu will automatically redirect the “About station” link to this page instead of the default one.

Main features:

  • detailed information about your station
  • supported sensor types: indoor/outdoor thermometer, indoor/outdoor humidity, pressure, rain gauge, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, UV sensor, sound sensor, CO2 sensor, leaf wetness sensor, soil temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, lightning detector, visibility sensor, snow depth sensor
  • other features include webcam, photo of the station, connection type, memory, power, internet connection etc.

Once you update your menu, the “About Station” page will be redirected to this plugin. If you then deleted it, it would again go back to the default “About station” page that is part of the core template.


  • download
  • upload to plugins directory
  • set up via Control Panel



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