New Plugin – Weather Records 1.0

New Plugin – Weather Records 1.0

Hi guys,

those of you who now me better already know that I am most interested in climate. In the past I very often read about the weather extremes around the world. There are pages that give you this data, but always just as either a number or in the best case a table. I often wished there was more – so I now created it 😀

In this plugin there is a table of the world maximum ever recorded temperatures grouped by countries.

So what is the added value?

First you will see a big map of the world, I found coordinates for each of the locations and placed it in the map. In addition, the actual data points are undercolored based on the value making it very easy to see right away the value.

Then there is a table below where you have all the data. You can sort it based on the actual value or for example by date when it was measured, btw. notice the dates when the absolute maximums were measured and look at how many were recorded in the last two years…. If you click a row in the table, it will take you to the map and show you where that point is.

And one more thing I have added is something I called the “latitude index” – obviously the value of extreme temperature depends to a large extent on latitude, so to make it more comparable I devised this unitless ratio that compares the latitude and the value and so you can see where it really is exceptionally hot.

I am sure you will have fun playing around with it and discovering interesting relationships (at least I have ;-))

The temperature units will automatically adjust based on your template settings (C or F).

For now only maximum temperatures are available. The problem with this plugin is that as I said, I have not found anything similar anywhere else and that means I had to find the coordinates and information for each data point, copy all the data etc. This is obivously quite time consuming. Based on the feedback I get I will consider if it is worth adding additional parameters.



No setup, just update your menu and a link will be added to your Climate tab.

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