New Plugin – Guestbook 1.0

New Plugin – Guestbook 1.0

Hi guys,

I created a new plugin for users to be able to leave comments on your site.

Main features

  • possibility to add comments
  • enable/disable approval requirement
  • enable/disable emoticons (smileys)
  • enable/disable email notifications
  • possibility to ban IPs
  • captcha to prevent spam
  • secured against scripts hacks etc.

There are several things you can set up. First you can set if you want each post to require approval. If you enable this, then every time someone leaves a new comment, it will only be visible to you when you are logged in as an admin and you will see an icon next to it “approve”, and only when you click that icon, it will become publicly visible. If you disable approval requirement, each post will automatically be approved and immediately visible to everyone.

You can also enable or disable possibility to add emoticons (smileys) and specify if you want the posts to appear from the oldest to the newest or the other way around.

It is important to know that the page will look differently if you view the guestbook while you are logged in as an administrator. In such case, you will see all posts (including those that are not yet approved) and in addition, you will also see the IP address of whoever posted the comment and below each post you will also see an icon that will allow you to delete that particular post and an icon to ban the IP of that user.

Last useful feature is the possibility to set up email notifications. If you enable this, then you also specify an email address in the setup, to which a notification will be sent whenever someone signs your guestbook. In order for this to work however, make sure you have correctly configured mail server on your server (ideally test it yourself to see if it works, it should if you are also using for example the Contact plugin).


Install instructions:

  • download the file
  • upload to your Plugins directory
  • set up via Control panel
  • update menu.php


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