New Plugin – Weather METAR

New Plugin – Weather METAR

Hi guys,

as I promised yesterday, here is a plugin similar to the block released yesterday. It shows current conditions loaded from METAR reports.

This is an alternative to the cityConditions plugin, however it is not a duplicate. It uses METAR reports, not Yahoo weather, this has some advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantage is much more reliable data and some extra parameters. The disadvantage is that not all data is available like in the Yahoo weather plugin – there is for example no information about the actual conditions (cloudy, sunny etc.) and there is for example no info about daily precipitation.

There is one new thing that I have never tried before and this is sort of the first experiment…. I spent quite some time experimenting with the Leaflet Map API, so this plugin does not use Google Maps, but uses Leaflet freeware maps. This has some advantages – for example you do not need an API key for this, there are some new layers available, I also added some very cool features such as turning globe, measuring distance tool, day/night visualization etc.

Main features

  • current conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point, apparent temperature, wind speed, wind gust) from METAR reports, grouped by countries
  • additional info about stations (latitude, longitude, distance to your station, elevation, day/night time)
  • data shown on a map, colored by values
  • interactive globe to view current position
  • map allows viewing day/night
  • map measuring distance tool
  • several map layers
  • sortable tables
  • summary table

Supported areas:
– Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia + Oceania, South America, Central America

As I mentioned, this is the first time I used this map and I will try to add some additional features to this plugin in the future such as extra map layers etc.

No setup required.



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