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  1. Best weather station template out there—absolutely tons of information easily set up!

    Thanks for being the best station template and the best support ever.

  2. I am very glad to find this meteotamplate and with your big help to have also the own website . There is probably no site with so many weather and clima Information around the world.
    Thank You and wish you all the best, hoping you are well again

  3. Just wondering whether Meteotemplate runs with Instromet weather stations or if you are thinking of incorporating Instromet stations in the near future. These stations are also compatible with Weather Display and Cumulus.

    • Hi Mike,
      I think you misunderstood what Meteotemplate is. It is not a desktop program, it is a 100% web application, which only runs in a browser. This means that station model is irrelevant as long as the data is available online. MT does not connect to your station, it takes data from “somewhere” on the web. If you are using WD, then Brian added connection to MT directly to WD.

  4. Hi Jachym

    I am very glad to find this meteotamplate and with your big help to have also the own website . There is probably no site with so many weather and clima Information around the world.
    Thank You and wish you all the best, hoping you are well again


  5. Meteotemplate is great. Easy to use and configure and Jachym is right there if you do encounter an issue. The entire software suite is constantly be updated and refined.

    Thanks for all you are doing, Jachym

  6. Meteotemplate by far is the best template for weather enthusiast. It has full customization and easy to setup without having to do a lot of code work. Jachym has been great in help and even ideas for future templates. His work has really shown throughout this template design making it way easier then some others. The block and plugins are fantastic for easy of use and customization. Cannot wait to see what else he comes up with in future. Thanks for the hard work and all the great help you have given me and to others.

  7. Hi Jachym,
    Well after our couple of emails I have ordered Metrobridge and will be using Meteotemplate as my weather goto. I will not have to run 24/7 on my27′ iMac and love the work you have done. Would it be possible for you to set up the whole template for me as my attention span is not very great anymore at 70. Weather Underground is where i send data to and as per your recomendation installed Firezilla. So I have a learning curve coming up. I don’t have a website but can this just run in the google browser thru Metrobridge’s IP address? Thanks for your help and I’ll continue to support you!

  8. Hi.First of all, thank you for everything.
    Two things I find hard to find.
    Is there a possibility to present rain storm in “current condition” block
    Another thing, I find it difficult to find data about wind direction during the past hours. It is necessary for predicting rain. Can you add this option to “interactive graph”?

  9. Jachym nous fournit ici un logiciel incroyable. Le travail pour en arriver lĂ  doit ĂŞtre titanesque.

    ExtrĂŞmement simple et agrĂ©able, ce programme est une vĂ©ritable “rĂ©volution” dans le domaine de la mĂ©tĂ©orologie amateur. Sans compter les efforts que son concepteur met Ă  dĂ©velopper des blocs et plugins pour amĂ©liorer sans cesse les possibilitĂ©s offertes. Jachym est Ă©galement très rĂ©actif lorsqu’on lui soumet un bug, un problème ou une idĂ©e.

    Un tout grand merci pour le travail accompli. N’hĂ©sitez pas Ă  prouver votre reconnaissance par le Guestbook ou mĂŞme un don. Cela en vaut vraiment la peine.

  10. Jachym,

    Excellent work on the new Template and ALL the new PLUGINS!

    I have most of them installed and they look great.

    Keep up the good work, its appreciated.


  11. Bonjour Joachin,

    tout d’abord je voudrais te fĂ©liciter pour ce beau template 🙂

    Je veux mon site en francais et en anglais mais j’ai un petit problème car il me semble que ca ne fonctionne pas dans tout les pages. J’utilise le paramètre suivant: est-il le seul paramètre Ă  ĂŞtre utiliser pour toute les pages?

    Je vais dans le rĂ©pertoire ”lang” pis dans le fichier ”fr.php” pour ajouter le paramètre suivant: $language[‘fr’][‘example’] = ‘example’;

    Est-ce la bonne procédure pour le fonctionnement et est-ce que Dreamweaver est compatible ou tu me recommande PSPad?


    Hello Joachin ,

    first of all I would like to congratulate you for this beautiful template 🙂

    I want my website in French and English but I have a little problem and it seem that is not working in all pages. I use the following parameter: is it the only parameter to be used for all pages ?

    After I go in the section of ‘ lang ‘ then open the file ‘ fr.php ‘ ‘to add the following setting: $ language [ ‘ fr ‘ ] [ ‘ example ‘ ] = ‘ example ‘ ;

    Is this the correct procedure to make it work? Or is Dreamweaver is compatible or you recommend PSPad?