New plugin – Live Gauges for Weather Display + plugin updates

A new plugin is now available! This plugin extends the functionality of the built-in gauges plugin and allows much faster updates. The whole idea of this plugin is that unlike any of the other scripts in the template, it does NOT use the database, and uses data from the clientraw text file directly. This means … Read moreNew plugin – Live Gauges for Weather Display + plugin updates

New plugin – Evapotranspiration and plugin updates

Evapotranspiration A new plugin is now available which calculates an estimate of daily evapotranspiration using the modified FAO Penman-Monteith equations. This plugin uses several parameters (daily avg temperature, humidity, pressure, elevation, day of the year, latitude, solar radiation, wind speed, height of wind speed measurement) to estimate the daily evapotranspiration. By default it loads your … Read moreNew plugin – Evapotranspiration and plugin updates

New plugin – Cloud calculations

A simple new plugin is now available, which performs various cloud related calculations, similar to the other plugins for calculating dew point and apparent temperature. Installation is very simple, just unzip and upload and add a link to your menu. DEMO DOWNLOAD On a side note, I am currently working on another plugin, which however … Read moreNew plugin – Cloud calculations

Plugin updates – three plugins have been updated

Installation – in case of all these plugins there are no settings necessary, so simply download, unzip and replace your original 1.0 files 🙂 Space Weather The space weather plugin has been updated to version 2.0 and has some new features, which many of you asked for. New in Space Weather 2.0 added K-indices – current … Read morePlugin updates – three plugins have been updated

New plugin and plugin update

New plugin – Contact There is now a new plugin available called “Contact”. I think it is pretty obvious what it does. It is a captcha-protected contact form, which users can use to send you feedback. Install: Download the zip file and open sendFeedback.php Specify the email address where you want to send the emails … Read moreNew plugin and plugin update

New Plugin – Forecast Comparison

One thing that is (was) still missing in the template was some more sophisticated forecast. Well, that is no longer true! I would like to introduce the new plugin, which I called “Forecast comparison“. I am sure it will be quite useful and it is again something I haven´t seen anywhere else, though I many … Read moreNew Plugin – Forecast Comparison

New Plugin – WxSim forecast

A new plugin is now available, which uses the WxSim software logs to display forecasted conditions using graphs, tables and icons. Main features: – dynamic graphs of various parameters forecasted by WxSim – textual forecast for upcoming days – detailed forecast for user-specified hours, including icons and possibility to display all the parameters Install instructions: … Read moreNew Plugin – WxSim forecast

New plugin – Frequency Distributions

A new plugin for analyzing data from your station is now available. This plugin shows you the frequency distribution of various parameters using dynamic graphs and tables. You have many options for choosing the parameter graph type (line, area, bar, column) resolution (bin size) value returned (either percentage or total count) data transformation (none, log) … Read moreNew plugin – Frequency Distributions

New plugins – US and Canada radar images

A set of two new plugins is now available: US radar images Canada radar images Install: Unzip -> Upload -> Add to menu * only in case of the Canadian radar, you can optionally set the default location for default regional image by opening the radar.php and specifying the three-letter code of your desired location … Read moreNew plugins – US and Canada radar images

New Plugin – Annual Normals

As promised, version 2 now offers much better grounds for further development so here is another plugin, related directly to your station data again. Features: comparison of data using a polar chart data break down by years and months overall normals summary table table with deviations from normal Install instructions: Unzip, paste to plugins folder, … Read moreNew Plugin – Annual Normals

Introducing Meteotemplate 2.0 Watermelon

A major upgrade to Meteotemplate 2.0 is now available. This upgrade contains some major changes, which will substantially improve not just the look and user experience, but also allow for much easier further development and expansion. Please read carefully the install/upgrade instructions to make sure everything works correctly. First just a little bit of general … Read moreIntroducing Meteotemplate 2.0 Watermelon

New plugin – Year Comparison

A simple new plugin, which shows comparison of weather conditions across years in the database. Features: – calculation of statistics for various parameters for a user specified day of the year – calculations of deviations – simple graphical representation of the values – units based on user settings Installation: – no installation (just download and … Read moreNew plugin – Year Comparison

Meteotemplate updated to version 1.2

New update of the meteotemplate core files is now available. This update includes several important bug fixes, little design tweaks, security fixes and the banner now uses different data source, which not only does not require API key, but based on testing of several users, provides much more accurate results. Also the settings dialog box no … Read moreMeteotemplate updated to version 1.2

New plugin – Eclipses

A new plugin is now available called “Eclipses”. Features: view information about solar and lunar eclipses using interactive sortable and filterable tables calculate solar and lunar eclipse dates and view detailed info information about solar and lunar eclipses in general, including some interesting facts detailed statistics Installation: – no need to set up anything, just … Read moreNew plugin – Eclipses

New plugin – Space Weather

A new plugin is now available called “Space Weather”. Features: – display of current data about the Sun (solar wind speed, magnetic field, radio flux) updated minutely – alerts related to the Sun – tables and graphs with recent solar related events (flares etc.) – description of the parameters Installation: – no need to set … Read moreNew plugin – Space Weather

New plugin – Weather around the world

A new plug in is now available, which shows current weather around the world on an interactive map and in a sortable table. Features: displays weather conditions for various cities in the world possibility to choose parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, apparent temperature, dewpoint, wind speed, visibility) values also provided in a table (clicking on rows … Read moreNew plugin – Weather around the world

Meteotemplate updated to version 1.1

First update of the meteotemplate core files is now available. Probably the most visible change is something many of you have asked for – the original header section is now replaced with the interactive banner. Please note that on some (minority) of servers, fetching data from external webpages is restricted. If you experience this, either … Read moreMeteotemplate updated to version 1.1

New plugin – Weather Link – IP updates

A brand new plugin, which can be very useful to those using the Davis WL-IP router. If your router is sending data 24/7 to, then you can use this plugin to update your database for the template. This means there is no need to have your PC or WeatherLink software running and your data … Read moreNew plugin – Weather Link – IP updates

New plugin – U.S. state records

A brand new plug in is now available. The script loads NOAA data regarding current absolute extremes for all the US states. This includes the highest ever recorded temperature, lowest ever recorded temperature, highest ever recorded precipitation in 24h, highest snowfall in 24h and highest snow depth. The data from NOAA is checked once per … Read moreNew plugin – U.S. state records