New Block – Current Conditions Australia

Hi guys, a new block is now available for showing current conditions in major Australian cities. In the settings you specify your territory. The actual block will then show you the current temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction and rain since 9AM and in the expanded view also wind gust, daily high/low temperature, times … Read moreNew Block – Current Conditions Australia

Block Update – Density Altitude 2.0

Based on your feedback I slightly modified the Density Altitude block. Instead of the difference between real elevation and density altitude it now gives the absolute value. This means you also have to specify station elevation in the block settings. The station elevation is now also displayed in the block. Bug fix for incorrect icon … Read moreBlock Update – Density Altitude 2.0

New block + block/plugin updates

Hi guys, one new block and several updates: New Block – Dynamic Image This block does exactly the same thing as the webcam block, it shows an image from specified URL. However, there is an option to specify updating interval and the image will update at this interval automatically without you having to refresh the … Read moreNew block + block/plugin updates

New country package – UK

Hi guys, another “country package“, this time for the UK. There are two new plugins and one new block. For all these you will need to get a free API key at MetOffice, the link is provided in the settings and documentation. Pressure Maps UK (and part of EU) This plugin shows surface pressure charts … Read moreNew country package – UK

New block, block updates, new language files

Hi guys, several new things. New language files First, the fall/autumn, railway/railroad etc. dilemma is now solved…. a „new“ language is now available. I changed some strings in the original gb.php and that now corresponds to British English. And there is a new file us.php, which corresponds to American English. Big thank you goes to … Read moreNew block, block updates, new language files

User map plugin and Database info block

Meteotemplate map of users A new plugin is now available – the Meteotemplate users map. Since some of you asked for this, I created a plugin which is basically exactly the same as the users map at Installation: Download the file, extract it and upload it to your plugins directory Go to and … Read moreUser map plugin and Database info block