Bug Fixes

Hi guys, as promised, here is the bug fix for v17.0 It only includes the new mobile homepage, so all you have to do is replace pages/lite/index.php fixed unit conversion fixed encoding minor optimizations Those of you who need link to the bug fix for v16, can use this: http://www.meteotemplate.com/download/fixes/bugFixes_16.0.zip The new bug fix can … Read moreBug Fixes

Meteotemplate 16.0 Physalis – Bug Fix Package

Hi guys, first and hopefully last bug fix package for version 16. fix for non-functional link to update setup in control panel fix for redundant links to asteroids page fix for installing blocks with subfolders compatibility fixes for block/plugin updates The auto-update and install function will remain part of the template, though it will not … Read moreMeteotemplate 16.0 Physalis – Bug Fix Package

New block + block/plugin updates

Hi guys, one new block and several updates: New Block – Dynamic Image This block does exactly the same thing as the webcam block, it shows an image from specified URL. However, there is an option to specify updating interval and the image will update at this interval automatically without you having to refresh the … Read moreNew block + block/plugin updates

Block updates + very important info about bug fixes

Hi guys, I would like to inform you about a major change in the way bug fixes are released. As with many other things (translations, homepage etc.) over time I realized things are not ideal the way they were made at the beginning. The current model of handling bug fixes is one of the things … Read moreBlock updates + very important info about bug fixes

Global Snow – update

The Global Snow plugin has been updated. This new update only contains changes reflecting the changes made on the external NOAA server from where the data were taken. It should now work fine again. If you are only updating the plugin, simply replace the original world.php with the new one. Version 1.1 is available for … Read moreGlobal Snow – update