Plugin Update – Contact 3.0

Hi guys, I updated the Contact plugin. Changes:  standardization – this also means you HAVE TO update your menu.php, otherwise the link in your menu will not work the “from” field now shows the user specified email (allows direct replies) improved captcha When updating the plugin, you can delete contact.php, which is now called index.php … Read morePlugin Update – Contact 3.0

New block + many block/plugin updates

Hi guys, there is one new block and most importantly, many updates of current blocks/plugins. Something I intended to do long time ago…. New Block – Calculator As a little Javascript exercise I made a simple weather calcultor. If functions as a normal calculator, but to make it a bit more interesting I also added … Read moreNew block + many block/plugin updates

New plugin – Evapotranspiration and plugin updates

Evapotranspiration A new plugin is now available which calculates an estimate of daily evapotranspiration using the modified FAO Penman-Monteith equations. This plugin uses several parameters (daily avg temperature, humidity, pressure, elevation, day of the year, latitude, solar radiation, wind speed, height of wind speed measurement) to estimate the daily evapotranspiration. By default it loads your … Read moreNew plugin – Evapotranspiration and plugin updates

New plugin and plugin update

New plugin – Contact There is now a new plugin available called “Contact”. I think it is pretty obvious what it does. It is a captcha-protected contact form, which users can use to send you feedback. Install: Download the zip file and open sendFeedback.php Specify the email address where you want to send the emails … Read moreNew plugin and plugin update