Meteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant

Hi guys, the gradual evolution of the template continues – yes, evolution, not revolution this time. This new version fixes many minor bugs, but also introduces one major new feature and a few nice little extras. Also the process of updating the template is now different so make sure you read this post very carefully. … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant

Meteotemplate 14.0 Rose Apple

Hi guys, I am proud to announce a new version of Meteotemplate is now available – this time a real major update in terms of new features and another on of the “front-end” updates – meaning most of the changes are changes you can directly see on the page, help you as an admin or … Read moreMeteotemplate 14.0 Rose Apple

Meteotemplate – 1st Anniversary!

Hi guys, as unbelievable as it may sound, Meteotemplate celebrates today its first anniversary! Today´s newsletter is therefore a special issue, which provides a very short recap at what happened, how it all began and also mentions what is coming next. The only thing other thing I want to emphasize again here is that this … Read moreMeteotemplate – 1st Anniversary!

Meteotemplate 7.0 Pomegranate!

Hi guys, as I recently promised, a new version of Meteotemplate, Meteotemplate 7.0 Pomegranate, is now available for download! The update procedure should be very easy, smooth and fast. As I also mentioned in my last newsletter, this update brings some useful new features and the next version will fully concentrate on code optimization, refactoring and … Read moreMeteotemplate 7.0 Pomegranate!

Meteotemplate 3.0 Sour Cherry

Hi all, it is Christmas time and that also means giving presents – and so here is a little present from me as well – introducing METEOTEMPLATE 3.0 Sour Cherry. In some perspective, this update is the quite opposite of the Watermelon 2.0 update. Previous update was more about changes under the hood, optimization and especially preparing … Read moreMeteotemplate 3.0 Sour Cherry