Block updates + Meteotemplate Network 2.0

Several blocks were updated: Greetings 1.1 It is now possible to set particular color for each interval. This however means that for updating it you will also need to replace your original settings.php. The information how to do it is inside settings.php. Summary 2.0 Some new strings were added and some minor bug fixes. Also, … Read moreBlock updates + Meteotemplate Network 2.0

New blocks – Air Quality World, NWS Forecast

A set of new blocks can now be found in the Blocks section at Air Quality World In this block you can select your desired region and the block will show you the current Air Quality Index. Depending on data availability, the pollutants included are PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2 and tropospheric ozone. There is … Read moreNew blocks – Air Quality World, NWS Forecast