Hi guys, I am about to start making some changes/updates and before I do so I need you to check something. You should now all be using the API for the updates either directly or indirectly (with the exception of NetAtmo, see below). First look at the diagram at the bottom of this page: http://www.meteotemplate.com/web/wiki/wiki5GB.php Even if … Read moreUpdates – VERY IMPORTANT!

Template Versioning – How to update

Hi guys, to help you understand the logic behind updates I will try to clarify it a little bit. The template has a major version number and a minor version number. Example: Meteotemplate 14.2 – major version number is 14, minor version number is 2 New Installation download the Main download file which will install … Read moreTemplate Versioning – How to update

Meteotemplate Updates

Hi guys, to help you understand how Meteotemplate now handles updates I created a little scheme in the corresponding wiki page. http://www.meteotemplate.com/web/wiki/wiki5GB.php. I also updated the update instructions, I originally forgot to mention that you of course have to also update all the files in the update package root folder (header, footer, index files etc.) … Read moreMeteotemplate Updates

Meteotemplate 14.0 Rose Apple

Hi guys, I am proud to announce a new version of Meteotemplate is now available – this time a real major update in terms of new features and another on of the “front-end” updates – meaning most of the changes are changes you can directly see on the page, help you as an admin or … Read moreMeteotemplate 14.0 Rose Apple

Meteotemplate 7.0 Pomegranate!

Hi guys, as I recently promised, a new version of Meteotemplate, Meteotemplate 7.0 Pomegranate, is now available for download! The update procedure should be very easy, smooth and fast. As I also mentioned in my last newsletter, this update brings some useful new features and the next version will fully concentrate on code optimization, refactoring and … Read moreMeteotemplate 7.0 Pomegranate!

New block + block/plugin updates

Hi guys, one new block and several updates: New Block – Dynamic Image This block does exactly the same thing as the webcam block, it shows an image from specified URL. However, there is an option to specify updating interval and the image will update at this interval automatically without you having to refresh the … Read moreNew block + block/plugin updates

Meteotemplate 4.1 Mango – minor update

New minor version upgrade. The update should only take you a few seconds. Main new feature is related to the styling and especially making the page responsive and better displayed on mobile devices and smaller screens. There is also a brand new block and one updated plugin. Meteotemplate 4.1 Mango NEW – this version contains … Read moreMeteotemplate 4.1 Mango – minor update

Meteotemplate 3.0 Sour Cherry

Hi all, it is Christmas time and that also means giving presents – and so here is a little present from me as well – introducing METEOTEMPLATE 3.0 Sour Cherry. In some perspective, this update is the quite opposite of the Watermelon 2.0 update. Previous update was more about changes under the hood, optimization and especially preparing … Read moreMeteotemplate 3.0 Sour Cherry

Plugin updates – three plugins have been updated

Installation – in case of all these plugins there are no settings necessary, so simply download, unzip and replace your original 1.0 files 🙂 Space Weather The space weather plugin has been updated to version 2.0 and has some new features, which many of you asked for. New in Space Weather 2.0 added K-indices – current … Read morePlugin updates – three plugins have been updated

Meteotemplate updated to version 1.1

First update of the meteotemplate core files is now available. Probably the most visible change is something many of you have asked for – the original header section is now replaced with the interactive banner. Please note that on some (minority) of servers, fetching data from external webpages is restricted. If you experience this, either … Read moreMeteotemplate updated to version 1.1