Meteotemplate 15.0 – Extra Parameters

Hi guys, probably the major new feature about version 15 is something many of you asked so many times – logging of the extra sensor data. This was absolutely impossible previously, it only became potentially possible with the introduction of unified API, but only in v14 the API was finally available to all. I had … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 – Extra Parameters

Meteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant

Hi guys, the gradual evolution of the template continues – yes, evolution, not revolution this time. This new version fixes many minor bugs, but also introduces one major new feature and a few nice little extras. Also the process of updating the template is now different so make sure you read this post very carefully. … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant

Template Versioning – How to update

Hi guys, to help you understand the logic behind updates I will try to clarify it a little bit. The template has a major version number and a minor version number. Example: Meteotemplate 14.2 – major version number is 14, minor version number is 2 New Installation download the Main download file which will install … Read moreTemplate Versioning – How to update