Meteotemplate 14.0 Rose Apple

Hi guys, I am proud to announce a new version of Meteotemplate is now available – this time a real major update in terms of new features and another on of the “front-end” updates – meaning most of the changes are changes you can directly see on the page, help you as an admin or … Read moreMeteotemplate 14.0 Rose Apple

Meteotemplate 9.0 Avocado

Hi guys,the time has come to another major template update. Introducing Meteotemplate 9.0 Avocado. This update is not a revolutionary, but rather evolutionary update. It brings some new features that will make your life as a webmaster even easier and more efficient, it includes a few bug fixes, but there are still also some new … Read moreMeteotemplate 9.0 Avocado

Meteotemplate 4.1 Mango – minor update

New minor version upgrade. The update should only take you a few seconds. Main new feature is related to the styling and especially making the page responsive and better displayed on mobile devices and smaller screens. There is also a brand new block and one updated plugin. Meteotemplate 4.1 Mango NEW – this version contains … Read moreMeteotemplate 4.1 Mango – minor update