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website template for displaying information from personal weather stations


Meteotemplate is a website template for displaying data from your weather station and much more.

Main features

  • detailed statistics - data from your weather station, including interactive graphs, sortable tables and interesting visualizations
  • highly customizable - choose from over 400 design themes, many fonts and overall look setting, choose your preferred units
  • modular structure - build your own homepage from over 200 different widgets (blocks), new ones being added regularly (forecasts, station data, earthquakes, maps, astronomy, Twitter feed, RSS feed, radar images, models, warnings, world weather, world time, images etc etc.)
  • GUI setup - all settings, updates etc. done via graphical user interface, no need to know how to code at all
  • additional features - add one of over 150 currently available plugins, new ones being added regularly. This includes forecasts, radar images, extended graphs, climate analyses, calculators, convertors, educational section, regional pages, station diary, CO2 levels, earthquakes, snow statistics, degree days, maps, astronomy pages, marine and air traffic and much more.
  • built-in to Meteobridge, Weather Display, WeeWx and WeatherCat - send your data directly from this SW
  • extensive compatibility - also compatible with many other programs and weather stations, including Cumulus, WView, Weather Underground, NetAtmo etc.
  • regional add-ons - choose from various add-ons tailor made for specific countries
  • international - available in more than 25 languages
  • extensive support - contact me anytime and I will get back to you very quickly
  • users - currently used by over 1000 users from over 60 different countries


Here are some screenshots, if you want to see more make sure you check out the Demo and you can also look at the Blocks section, which shows currently available homepage widgets, and the Plugins section, showing the currently available add-ons to your template.

Most of these screenshots use the dark red/black color scheme and English language, this however, can of course be changed.


Meteotemplate is currently being used by almost 600 users all over the world. Here is what users think about the template, if you use Meteotemplate let me know what you think about it, all comments are appreciated!

Meteotemplate is the most versatile weather template I ever used almost too much features but you can choose your own layout and what you want to show and it's even multilangual. First time setup can be somewhat difficult but there is an outstanding wiki and great support!
Ron, Netherlands

Meteotemplate is a free weather template that has a universal, modern and fresh look and feel to it and is easy to customize with many optional plugins available. Not only does it supports many different types of weather stations and software, the ease of installation and maintaining it are a pleasure for novice to experienced users. The support from the developer is amazing and I highly recommend it.
Tom, New York, U.S.

Well I have known Jáchym for a while and he does great work and I love this Template as he keeps coming out with more and more stuff I can not wait to see what he comes out with next.
Steve, Clifton Park, U.S.

I really like the template. I especially like the database format. So much info can be obtained from just a little data. Also easy to fix any errors. Also the flexibility of the template is great. Very easy to use.
Tom, Connecticut, U.S.

The best template for my weather station VP2. Simple but it offers many possibilities, it is easily customizable. The updates are regular and ensure perfect operation.
Tom, France

Make no mistake, this is the most comprehensive weather web pages that you will see. Very flexible and easy to use with a feature rich environment, this is a professional product for free. Excellent support and a supportive community helps with any technical issues. 5 Star. Recommended.
Neal, U.K.

Absolutely wonderful and brilliant format! Fun to set up with a lot of customization options- and works like a champ! It doesn’t get any better than this!
Robbie, Georgia, U.S.

Pour moi, Meteotemplate c'est beaucoup de pédagogie dans ton approche mise au service de passionnés et/ou curieux. Un grand merci à toi pour toute cette disponibilité et grand bravo des deux mains pour ton travail de programmation qui n'a pas dû être si aisé . Mais, pour les passionnés, le temps et l'énergie ne comptent pas !
Bianco, France

Meteotemplate is based on the creation and update of a database with data from our station; We could not make a nice web pages alone with this. The second major feature of the template is, in my opinion, the high level of code developed by Jachym. This great work is topped by the magnificent track, update, change and support of its author. In my opinion this template has caused a revolution in the web presentation of meteorological data.

Meteotemplate está basado en la creación y actualización de una base de datos con los datos de nuestra estación; no podríamos presentar unas bonitas páginas web solo con esto. La segunda gran característica de la plantilla es, en mi opinión, el alto nivel del código desarrollado por Jachym. Este gran trabajo queda rematado por el magnífico seguimiento, actualización, cambios y apoyo de su propio autor. En mi opinión esta plantilla ha causado una revoluciòn en la presentación web de los datos meteorológicos.
Javier, Spain

Definitly best template for weather's website hobbist!
Giuseppe, Italy

Meteotemplate je konečně to co jsem hledal, jako návrh na zlepšení bych podal možnost zahrnout více čidel do všech grafů.
Pavel, Czech Republic

Unbelievable achievement and unparalleled support!
Bert, Arizona, USA

Has become my favorite template, and I use or have used many. Both Ken's and Wim's are currently is use, and I have used Brian's in the past along with the default one that comes with wView.
Bill, Manitoba, Canada

There is no equal or comparative weather template out there, let alone with support for this many systems. "Saratoga" template should watch out, meteotemplate is the new king.
Alexander, New Jersey, USA

Happy to have installed Meteotemplate...
Giampaolo, Italy

Excellent product, support is very good as always and the respond time is really fast.
Sylvain, Quebec, Canada

Finally a complex and mature template for every amateur meteo stations in the whole world. Jáchym is a hell of a worker here and he deserves a price from the amateur meteo commu nity. The overall functionality and possibilities, what this template gives to the pulic is priceless. With little effort the template can show immense ammount of relevant data, which can be further used for any other purposes, like education, science, statistics, transport, economics, or even for planning the vacation. I will do my best to implement this meteotemplate to all in this country to make a unified network of amateur meteo stations, with Jáchym's template. At least that is my vision. Thank you very much for your wonderful work.
Oliver, Slovakia

I’m amazed with whole idea and way meteotemplate functions. It is very simple, yet very informative way to understandably display and report weather data to common people. I tried jpgraphs, wxgraphs, ajax/saratoga templates to create weather web page for my station, but this is something more, something i was looking for. It is good balance between functionality, simplicity and ability to adapt.
Robert, Croatia

Clear to see, Easy to use, simply marvellous.
Phil, United Kingdom

Looking forward to using it and leveraging all of its capabilities in the future
John, Alabama, USA

Awesome template, awesome support (when rarely needed). Thank you for enabling me.
Chris, Maryland, USA

One word - superb
Ole, Norway

You make it easy to have a weather website!
Russ, Ohio, USA

Very professional and very very powerful weather station program. Quite complicated and a steep learning process,but excellent.
John, United Kingdom

It's a great template. Missing few things to make it wonderfull!
Alessandro, Italy

Jamás he conocido una persona que de forma altruista mantenga y de el soporte que da jachym.
Angel, Spain

Thank you for your hard work and all your help
Simon, United Kingdom

This is the hands down best weather station template I've used. Of course there are some design options I would love to have, but I understand the tradeoffs that have to be made in complex software that is used in what 31 languag es now with a large number of supported stations, web solutions, etc. You have done an amazing job, and in the time I've used the solution things have progressed at an amazing pace. Jachym you truly are the "Engergizer Bunny" of coding, THANK YOU!
John, Pennsylvania, USA

Keep the good work
Mario, Spain

Keep up the great work.
Gavin, Australia

Meteotemplate has a fast growing number of blocks and plugins to make it possible to create a weather site exactly to your wishes. You will notice no two Meteotemplate sites look the same which makes your weather site very personal. The weather data analyzing templates produce on the fly tenths of quality Highchart graphs and tables which can be exported to a number of formats to use elsewhere. Personally I think it is the best weather analyzing and presentation software I have seen. Not to mention the very fast and friendly response of Jachym, the developer, when you have a suggestion, problem or question.
Luc, Suriname

Recommended Software

Meteotemplate supports many different programs, however, if you want to use Meteotemplate to its full potential, all of its features and ensure highly accurate and reliable data, then the best way is to use the Meteotemplate API. The API is built-in to several programs, which will make your life much easier and allow you to use all features. Below is a list of programs which currently support the API.

Weather Display

Weather Display is a software to get the most from your weather station. Not only does it support a huge range of stations from all the major manufacturers but it's also stacked with features and options. If you are really serious about analyzing your weather on your PC and you like to have as many features as possible then WD is the software for you. Due to all of its functions it might take you some time to learn how to use it, but the time is worth it and Brian, the developer, is always very helpful and offers great level of support. Highly recommended!

Weather Display is fully compatible with Meteotemplate and history logs can be used to import past data.

Official Website


Meteobridge allows you to connect your weather station to the internet. It is compatible with tens of different weather station models and currently exists as either Stanard or Pro version, which offers even more features. If you are looking for a simple, out-of-the box solution that requires no PC turned on 24/7, has minimum power consumption and runs quietly and smoothly, but providing many useful features, then Meteobridge is for you. Highly recommended!

Meteobridge is fully compatible with Meteotemplate API and Boris, the developer, very helpful and actively developing the software further.

Note: also the demo at is powered by Meteobridge Standard.

Official Website


WeeWX is a free, open source, software program, written in Python, which interacts with your weather station to produce graphs, reports, and HTML pages. It can optionally publish to weather sites or web servers. It uses modern software concepts, making it simple, robust, and easy to extend. It includes extensive documentation.

WeeWX runs under most versions of Linux, as well as macOS, *BSD, and Solaris. Many users are running on the Raspberry Pi.

Official Website


Weather Station Advisor
The team at Weather Station Advisor spend their time testing, reviewing and comparing the latest home weather stations and accessories on the market today to provide the most comprehensive and unbiased buying guides and reviews on the Internet.

They have built a website to help weather enthusiasts choose not only the best but the most suitable weather instruments for their particular needs.

If you're looking to purchase your first personal weather station or if your existing equipment needs an upgrade visit their website for the expert opinions.

Official Website