Meteotemplate site updates

Hi guys,

the project is not dead. I provide support on a daily basis and I finally got to start refreshing the template and this site.

Here are the first changes and more are to come:

  • Meteotemplate blog updated to latest version of CMS and plugins
  • Meteotemplate site finally running via the secured https protocol
  • Meteotemplate demo now with up-to-date data again (I moved year and half ago and it was problematic to install a weather station at my new house, finally it is up and running).

Now time to start updating the template scripts as such. Please note that the demo will now be functioning in a limited fashion because I am updating the scripts to be compatible with PHP8, so some parts of the DEMO site will not function properly until the new version is complete.


3 thoughts on “Meteotemplate site updates

  1. Thank You for your time and effort on this project.

    Be glad to update to the new version when it is ready.

    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Bonjour Jachym,
    Content de te revoir. J’espère que tout va bien pour toi.

    A bientôt pour les modifications qui vont nous permettre de continuer à utiliser ton excellent template

    Merci encore

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