Block Update – Dynamic Text 2.0

Hi guys, I have completely redesigned this block and made it much more sophisticated. In this block, you now have many possible conditions/triggers. You first select if you want to enable this trigger. If yes, you provide a condition and corresponding message. This is how the block then works: checks which conditions are enabled checks … Read moreBlock Update – Dynamic Text 2.0

Block Update – Warnings Australia 2.0

Hi guys, I updated the Australian warnings block. I found a major bug in this block and it is surprising that even after a year since I released this no-one noticed that the caching was incorrectly handled and the block showed “no warnings” all the time… Anyway, this bug is now fixed and in addition … Read moreBlock Update – Warnings Australia 2.0

Block Update – Warnings U.S. – Regional 6.0

Hi guys, I decided to redesign this block and add some features, it was one of the blocks I created quite long time ago and I think it could look a bit better. New: block redesign and optimization possibility to set text for when there are or are not warnings issued warning text optimization possibility … Read moreBlock Update – Warnings U.S. – Regional 6.0

Meteotemplate – Feb 14 outage

Hi guys, the website is currently down. My PC is becoming totally unusable, it freezes every hour and has to be rebooted. About 2 hours ago I just wanted to update the translations and unfortunately my laptop again froze, but during the worst possible moment – while the files were being updated/uploaded. This means the … Read moreMeteotemplate – Feb 14 outage