Meteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – Problem checking

Hi guys, another new feature in version 15 is a problem checking page. This script basically checks many of your template settings and lets you know whenever there is a problem with any of your settings. To view this script, simply go to your Control Panel and you will find it at the bottom right … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – Problem checking

Meteotemplate 15.0 – Extra Parameters

Hi guys, probably the major new feature about version 15 is something many of you asked so many times – logging of the extra sensor data. This was absolutely impossible previously, it only became potentially possible with the introduction of unified API, but only in v14 the API was finally available to all. I had … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 – Extra Parameters

Meteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – Station Status

Hi guys, another new feature is the optional station status displayed in the footer. This can now be optionally enabled (disabled by default) in the Main settings. The way this works is that the footer checks directly the content of the current conditions file (meteotemplateLive.txt) and checks the timestamp in that file. The actual threshold … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – Station Status

Meteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – IP restriction

Hi guys, in the few upcoming posts I will just briefly explain some of the new features. So far the update seems to be working fine so I issued tokens to everyone who has asked for one. First thing I want to talk about is the new IP restriction feature. In the Main settings you … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 – New Feature – IP restriction

Meteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant

Hi guys, the gradual evolution of the template continues – yes, evolution, not revolution this time. This new version fixes many minor bugs, but also introduces one major new feature and a few nice little extras. Also the process of updating the template is now different so make sure you read this post very carefully. … Read moreMeteotemplate 15.0 Black Currant


Hi guys, it is great to see that there is now 700 known users who installed Meteotemplate. Given I have not invested a single cent towards marketing Meteotemplate is spread purely by “word of mouth” or rather links in the footer. Also, I very much welcome if you let people know at for example regional … Read more700