New Plugin – Solar System

Hi guys, a new astronomy-related plugin is now available. This plugin, called simply the Solar System, gives some general information about the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets, including an animated solar system visualization and a table with detailed planets data and descriptions of what each parameter means. Main features: description of planets and … Read moreNew Plugin – Solar System

Block/plugin updates – bug fixes

Hi guys, noticed a few bugs so I updated the following blocks and plugins, update should be very easy, just replace all the files. Plugin updates: Earthquakes 2.4 – fixed issue with map being hidden City Conditions 2.3 – fixed issue with map being hidden Block update: METAR weather 3.1 – fixed bug with default … Read moreBlock/plugin updates – bug fixes

New Block – Regional Australian radar

Hi guys, a new region-specific block is now available, this time for Australia. This block shows an animated regional radar image. Follow the instructions in the setup. The time should be converted to your station timezone. Note: in the demo I intentionally increased the cache interval to 1 hour so the image will be a … Read moreNew Block – Regional Australian radar

New Plugin – Guestbook 1.0

Hi guys, I created a new plugin for users to be able to leave comments on your site. Main features possibility to add comments enable/disable approval requirement enable/disable emoticons (smileys) enable/disable email notifications possibility to ban IPs captcha to prevent spam secured against scripts hacks etc. There are several things you can set up. First … Read moreNew Plugin – Guestbook 1.0

New Block – North America Satellite

Hi guys, since I noticed you in particular like satellite and radar images I created a new block, which includes close to 50 different satellite images from several Earth-orbiting satellites covering the area of North America (and a few including South America and Atlantic + Europe), primarily Canada. DEMO or DEMO2 No need to set up … Read moreNew Block – North America Satellite

Block Updates – Webcam 3.1 and Current Conditions 5.0

Hi guys, just minor updates to two blocks. Current 5.0 In the new version you can now specify whether or not you want to show the text “current conditions” above the time. Simply replace all the files and then update the settings for that block. Webcam 3.1 This update version only contains some changes for … Read moreBlock Updates – Webcam 3.1 and Current Conditions 5.0

New Plugin – Drought U.S.

Hi guys, I created a new plugin, I think quite useful at this time of the year 🙂 This plugin shows various drought-related parameters for the United States (national and for the individual states). Main features: maps of drought-related parameters current drought conditions, drought outlook soil moisture groundwater drought indicator evapotranspiration wildland fire potential outlook … Read moreNew Plugin – Drought U.S.

Weather Terminology Plugin – 4 new languages!

Hi guys, Meteotemplate is used by users from all over the world who also speak many different languages. I try to reflect that and so I prepared 4 new languages for the Weather Terminology Plugin. And yes I am patriotic, so the Czech one contains by far the most strings and equations 😀 New Plugins: … Read moreWeather Terminology Plugin – 4 new languages!

Weather Terminology Plugin now available in 8 languages!

  Hi guys, so I spent couple of evenings playing around with various languages and created plugins for “weather terminology” for several of them. Since some contain over thousand terms I also redesigned the plugin, it is not a table, but rather a dictionary-style page. For that reason I have also updated the already released … Read moreWeather Terminology Plugin now available in 8 languages!

Block Updates – Calendar 2.0, Calendar – Month 2.0, Clock 2.0

Hi guys, if you remember I previously mentioned that I want to concentrate on optimizing the template and improving the already existing things. That is what version 8 was mostly about. Now it is time for the plugins and blocks. I will go through all the blocks and plugins and add new features and make … Read moreBlock Updates – Calendar 2.0, Calendar – Month 2.0, Clock 2.0