Plugin Update – Stickers 3.0

Plugin Update – Stickers 3.0

Hi guys,

I updated the “stickers” plugin.

Version 3.0 is a major update of this plugin and introduces a brand new “interactive sticker“.

This sticker is much more sophisticated than the other ones (though you can of course still use them and some of you might find them better, they are simpler and more clear).

This interactive sticker allows you to set for example the background image (I prepared almost 200 possible backgrounds. They are either made by me or modified from open-source images so no worries about licenses), the background/border color, custom image on the left, border width, shadows, text etc.

You can also use a random image/background and the last thing that is also possible – base the background on current conditions and time of the day.

Everything is explained, including examples, in the setup page of this plugin, which you can access via the new Control Panel.

Also make sure that you look at not just the examples, but also follow the installation instructions.









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